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      Delgado NYC was created out of pure need. My work bags, gym bags, travel bags or anywhere-in-between bags had one fatal flaw… It’s what I’ve come to deem as “The Open Abyss”. Regardless of the bag, I always found myself digging for lost lip balms, keys or AirPods. I spent hours searching the internet to find something that would organize my life’s necessities but the options I found either lacked style or quality. I decided that if I wanted a stylish way to organize my “essential junk” I would have to create it.
      Voila! The Gado Bag was born!
      Delgado NYC was founded in March 2018. The creative inspiration for the brand stems from my youth in Texas and adult life in New York City, California and now Dallas. I like to call the inspiration behind the brand “Friday Night Lights meets Big City Lights”. I select and curate an assortment of internationally made fabrics and leathers to ensure that the quality of each Gado Bag meets my high standards.
      Every bag is designed and hand-crafted in my studio, so not only are you supporting a small-business with your purchase – but you are supporting products made in the USA. My hope is that this Gado bag becomes your essential bag for everyday living.

      All my best,