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Hi, I’m Jerry. I started Delgado NYC out of pure need. My work bags, gym bags, travel bags or anywhere-in-between bags had one fatal flaw - What I like to call "The Open Abyss". So I decided to jump online and start looking for some ways to organize my “Daily Junk”. After hours of searching the internet I found the options had either no style, low quality or way out of budget. So I decided that if I wanted a stylish way to organize my “Daily Junk” I would have to create it. I broke out my sewing machine, found an old pair of my husband's jeans and voila The Gado Bag was born.             
As time went on I started making The Gado Bags in different sizes & colors and  giving them as gifts. Once I saw how much these bags were needed not only by me but also friends, it hit me. It was time to create a brand and bring "The Open Abyss" to a close.
Delgado NYC was founded in March 2018. The Creative inspiration for the brand stems from my youth in Texas and adult life in New York City, Dallas & California. Friday Night Lights meets Big City Lights.
The Gado Bags are proudly handcrafted in the United States. For each style, I select a curated assortment of internationally made fabrics and leathers to ensure the quality of each Gado Bag is up to our high standards. 
With each bag I create, my hope is that the pure joy of organizing the “Daily Junk” in a stylish way brings a smile to your face.
All my best,

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